Door drive, 24V powered, with trimmer for parameters setting, for 24V DC motors with bidirectional encoder.
  • Funções principais
  • Warning Grounding System
  • Power supply voltage 24 Vac/Vdc (max 200 W).
  • For DC motors with encoder (max 24 Vdc).
  • 3 RELAY OUTPUTS (double contact NO and NC): Opened / Closed / Obstruction / Fault.
  • INPUT dry contacts, or external voltage 12/24 VDC: Open / Close / Nudge (slowly forced closing) / Light curtain / Temp (temperature input for NTC equipped motors) / RFU (optional).
  • 3 on board trimmer for main parameters setting (opening and closing speed, and security closing torque).
  • External programming keypad with alphanumeric display (optional).
  • External keypad with graphic display (optional).
  • Software upgrade by keypad.



In case of installation of the device on a metal fixture, it is strongly recommended to connect the fixture to the grounding system, to avoid malfunction or damage to the electronic device installation.


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